Forest Time: Sagehen 8/10

I’m back at Sagehen preparing for the August performance. The piece I premiered at OtB in Seattle is coming back home. And it’s changing. But in some ways staying the same. Being outside and playing is super fun. My “stage” is perfect with a slew of defunct and operational data collection units, a platform for my rig, plenty of stuff for dancers to work with and space for the drummer.

The audience will have a 240 view, being able to curve around us along the foot path in the adjacent woods. Still figuring out the location for the projection field and what exactly the dancers will do. The fringe is out. Maybe I did get it out of my system in Seattle… anyways, the meadow here demands something more simple and clean. Enough going on as it is. I am considering a variety of tetra-she-drons, maybe one of each dancer (5-6). Or perhaps one shape for each element, a cube, an icosa-she-dron, an octa-she-dron and a tetra-she-dron…. with one bigger tetra to cover me at the end.