As I was sweeping my front patio I found a little furry foot, a rabbit foot, by my best estimations. I could use the luck now but it also struck me. On another level. Death is all around. Be gracious and grateful, live fully and with love. This small animal lost a battle against another maybe slightly larger animal, all in the struggle to survive. Not really a battle against good and evil, but just life. That little foot said to me… keep living, learning and loving as long as you can.


Some new work made recently. Bronze, wood and fringe. Something about it’s cascading verticality draws the body back to the earth, the elements. This series is about fire, that burns in us and around us. It felt good to make these. I hope to make more. Up on view at the Western Gallery, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.

As the seasons change we do too. The last few months have been transformational. I have no clue where this is all going. I’m learning more everyday. About myself and the people I am lucky to live around and apart from. That’s really all I know. Gratitude. Focus on that.