I've been writing little prose pieces.

I'm just like you always running always hoping over the next hill the next sun rise the next wave the next round, I'll be saved and you'll be found.

or images in words...

Soldiers guarding the space where the walls once stood so old men won't try to pile rocks again...

Thinking a lot about migration, teaching, and my nomadic tendencies... among other things. I've moved 17x in my life. That's once every 2.64 years.... also discovered that this old song might be the start of the new project....

It's just a sketch but I am beginning to think of this project differently.. as a soundscape and as sculpture, tents, backpacks, photographs.... trying to not think of video yet. But rather maps, drawings, dance scores, prose.... soundscapes. Video may be the ultimate object, or not. Not going to just assume that's the deliverable in this case. This is more complicated. This is going to take a while.

Meanwhile there's the Farallons trip coming up in gosh... 10 days! That'll be wild and immersive. On an island 30 miles from shore in the Pacific Ocean. Can't wait but also just a bit on edge. No way out!

Next up, another public presentation at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art in May... but this time it's going to be different... HA! yes this time I hope to not be alone on the spot. And to just use the time to workshop new pieces, songs, movement scores, and more.

Finally tomorrow renting a truck to haul a bunch of drywall to the studio. Gotta spend some money on my space. Need to re-establish the habit of being in studio every day as I did a couple years ago when I first moved back to Berkeley.  It was a very fruitful period. A special time filled with deepening relationships, expanding opportunities, and then I went to Santa Cruz for a  month and let it all go... just let go, for real reasons. Financial, personal, professional. But I wonder, just for a minute and then I look around and I know I followed my heart back to a place that gave me joy and freedom and a sense of possibility long ago and again. I'm here now. I can't say what the future holds but in the immediate outlook, it'll be a spring and summer to remember.