Lost wax weekend results!

Last weekend, it was just last weekend, after arriving home from 5 days in Northern California, the Sierras and foothills, I made some life casts, transferred them to wax and then began the long I’ll say arduous process of bonze casting. Goodness. So much work and so much fun. We had a team so we all worked together. I held the dead end, Doug drove the live end, Ruby drove the winch and Carly oversaw. Here are some results. Still so much chasing to do but I am hooked. I like the rough edges. I let the gauze in the wax model remain. Amazing what survived the burnout. Plan to execute a few more molds this weekend. Perhaps cast into Quickcrete or paper pulp, looking for something I can do in studio that is sort of lightweight but not nasty to work with…. so many options.


Teaching is the best. We never stop learning. Grading now that’s not the best but I learn so much through that too. How students are responding to my curriculum, the good, the bad, the ugh! That’s what is happening today. One week left of classes then Finals week. And my first quarter at Western Washington University is (nearly) fini! So far sooooo good.