Sage Hen Day 2

There are some amazing snags here, as well as living trees suffering from something, beetle infestation? Enormous piles of trees stacked I’m told by a giant tree combine that can cut down and de-branch a 40 foot tree every 60 seconds. The Sierras are in the grips of a cycle of infestations due to drought and warmer winters. This leads directly to increased risk of forest fire. As the trees go, we go. The Forest Service here is hoping to thin the forest to provide more open spaces and meadows to act as buffers against a runaway fire.

Skied 6 miles today. I’m sore! Old and new injuries haunt my dreams of trekking all day long. I’m reminded that like the trees and rabbits, moss and rocks, I too am changing. Just as I admire the beauty in the snag, the moss covered rock, craggy shaggy incense Cedar or twisting twin Jeffrey pines, I can love this body too that has carried me through time and space. Rest tomorrow and write more. Maybe just a 3 mile ski!