Space Wind

I had strange dreams last night. Maybe I had dinner too late. My father was there, trying to get at me. I was flying above him but then I lost my powers and floated down to earth. I awoke at 3:20, a usual time for me, to hear the wind and watch the silhouettes of trees dance above the skylights in my roof. Branches swayed and swept the air, trunks bent like blades of grass under an invisible hand. The high moisture content in the Northern air saved us, lending the trees extra agility to respond to the restless wind as it filled the night sky with sound and fury. When I finally fell back to sleep I dreamt it was a full moon and as the clouds parted the moon drifted off center in some celestial orbit to reveal a familiar planet. It was earth. But then where was I? Suddenly I started shaking uncontrollably, and woke myself. It was a beautiful and fearsome sight. I was out in space, disconnected from this place. But I also had a strange sense like… don’t be afraid.

Don’t be afraid. We are all just floating out in space.