Back in Cali - part 2

4 days in NY and then caught a flight to SFO, finally arriving in California on August 6th. I've been back in California for 1 week and I haven't stopped moving. Working to finish one job in order to start another and trying to prepare for school, and a show. All the while trying to process my experience over the last 6 weeks. Here's a few pictures to catch up to today. The dirty studio shots are brought to us by our new landlords who tore off the roof with little to no preparation and let debris and soot shower down into our studios for days. My studio is still a mess, but I must keep working. Others are getting cleaned. We, the tenants meet Thursday to discuss next steps.

Since the 6th I've been in Berkeley, Corralitos, Corte Madera and Auburn. Feeling extremely nomadic. New ideas though about the meaning of place and nomadism. Will write on it soon. Today is a workday: 

  1. Check Charlie's for drill and spade bit.
  2. Make new jig for drill into table top. (9)
  3. Drill new holes in brass 
  4. Clean brass 
  5. Make drawer fronts 
  6. Add slides to draws e-f
  7. Make shims for drop down leaf
  8. Clean tools and pack for installation (12)
  9. At FD 1 - 3:30 PM
  10. Cut last 2 pieces of brass
  11. Return to FB install last brass
  12. Clean, touch up and seal after hours.
  13. Go home or stay at CM

Really love to go home tonight but need to prep studio for big clean. I can take the 1 home tomorrow morning. It'll be nice. Today is all about work. Get it done! Then go home.