Squeezing it in!

Today is the last big work day on the desk. Managed to get some things done yesterday and played one song at the Ivy for kind people. My fingers were all over the place but I think my voice was pretty solid. So glad I made that sudden turn right instead of heading towards the freeway. I drove up to see friends waiting for me to play! I feel blessed.

Brass inlay #2. Pretty pretty. Wait till I stain the Ash to Walnut!

Brass inlay #2. Pretty pretty. Wait till I stain the Ash to Walnut!

Massive amounts of things to do today. But getting near to sanding, staining and sealing. Some drawers left to finish which can actually happen later. And I think the brass might just work... if I can fit the bend in my studio! I should try to test it and actually bend it for real on site.

  1. Rafael - table corners, brass screws (for drawer fronts), Brasso, 80 grit sand paper, shorter bolts, t-nuts and something else I just thought of and promptly forgot!
  2. Finish drop down.
  3. Fix bottoms of curves.
  4. Sand stain fronts and tops!
  5. Finish drawers and drawer fronts.
  6. Sand insides and seal.
  7. I will have to epoxy the top brass onsite. The front vertical brass... prep it.. May need to chisel out the base trim a tiny bit to get brass flush over as well as cut that funny bottom corner on A.
  8. Measure and drill holes in big brass. 
  9. Clean and cut brass.
  10. Label drawers and unload, wrap!

I am sure there is tons more to do. That's all I can think of. Might actually squeeze a run in on Sunday! Deliver-install starts at 3. Yow!!! This might just.... this is happening.