Count down to Berlin!

Time to hustle. 9 days to installation. Making progress but still much to do. Work, run, eat, sleep.

Looking good. 

Looking good. 

Picked up brass yesterday. It's too long to fit in my studio! Will have to cut it up just to manage it. Think about that later today. Now a list to keep me focused. Early to bed tonight....!

  1. Run
  2. bolt center cabs together
  3. Glue, nail trip on two center cabs
  4. Finish up edges of tops
  5. Cut 3/4 inch brass for tops (test)
  6. Router top groove (3/4 inch, 1/8 inch shy deep)
  7. Shelves for center cabs
  8. Drawers for center cabs (need screws)
  9. Rip and add plywood supports for lower trim.
  10. Rip 1/8th inch x 2 1/8 inch Ash for 2 corners
  11. Cut plywood corner supports (use existing scraps corners!)
  12. Call hairdresser see if can move around appointment (?)

Breathe. Run. Have some fun. Ice cream!!!!