This now....

It has been a tremendous year. Last night looking through old note books I discovered that I know things sometimes before I think I do. It's good to slow down and look at the words we write down. Things move so fast. Reflect and look forward to  new adventures, but most importantly, be open and present now. If anything, this year reminded us of what really matters, love, friendship, creativity, community. Defend what you hold dear. Choose your words with love and make meaningful, heart-centered work and relationships. Spend more time in the forest and with friends. 

(RE)TIME at Djerassi, 2014.

Next up on the creative agenda is FLMWMT in March (part of my curatorial fellowship at SOMARTS) and later this month I'll be performing as a featured artist at Kinetech in SF, a dance and technology oriented collective. Have some thoughts on what to do but not quite sure. Either redo (RE)TIME with video(s) or do my WWN speech and then (RE)PLACE... but I just did (RE)PLACE so maybe something else? (RE)TIME would be fun but also a challenge. A 20 minute solo is hard. And it can be boring. Need to decide by Wednesday, but can also change my mind as long as the technology needs are similar.

Much to consider. Off to the forest now. It's been a few weeks. Oh has it been. Happy New Year!

Just found a cool link to Digital Nature, the event I participated in thanks to curator, eco-designer Shirley Watts. Nice images of all the work. And I like the title I used then. Funny how I forget this stuff.