MAH Residency Portfolio

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4 and one half minutes. Short film about finding and loosing oneself in an ever expanding universe. Thoughts about loss of language = loss of self, the body as a strange-stranger, the body as Universe, the self/mind as alien-child. Subtitles in German, Russian, Czech, Chinese and French. All sounds, music, images, words by Sasha Petrenko. Featuring Alex, Mac OS X text to speech function.

(Water Cycle) Besket Experiment #1, 2014. First big prototype basket for performance about hydrologic cycle. Made of red oak and reed.

Animal Projections, 2012. Instructional video for the development of deeper interspecies relationships. Projection for a workshop/performance.

Pinophyta II, 2015. Wood, milk paint, waxed linen, zip-ties. 6’ x 3’ x 3.’ Commissioned by the University of San Francisco, part of a 10 month outdoor exhibition. Illustrating the Fibonacci sequence found in the pine cone of the conifer, Pinophyta 2 was allowed to loose it’s fronds over the course of the exhibition, revealing an underlying mathematic structure.

Non*Mart, 2009-2010. Collaboration with Kathryn Kenworth. Barter-based shop and platform for alternative economies, artist lead workshops and community space.

Blind Arbiter, (from Basket Experiment series) 2013 - ongoing. Reed, waxed linen. 12” x 8” x 6.5.” One of a series of baskets experiments, models and full scale.

We-house: We will all wake up together, 2006. Community construction project commissioned by Southern Exposure in SF. Wood, borrowed items and materials. 11’ x 9’ x 10.5.”

This basket: made from my mother’s wedding dress in the city she was married, Praha, CZ, 2015. Fragments of artists mothers wedding dress, thread. 2.25” x 3” x 3”.

Story-shell, 2012. Community construction project commissioned by the Headlands Center for the Arts in 2012 as part of the Center's 30 year anniversary celebration and exhibition. Cold bent beechwood, donated fabric, plywood, drawing and writing materials, grommets and grommeting tools, stories.