Word for the day: Structure

Yesterday started out like any other I'd had in the last few. But it quickly grew hot! And my motivation dwindled until I was hunched over at my computer staring into the abyss. So I made myself start re-recording tracks from part 3. I already had a decent version but need to try it differently. Nothing. Not satisfied. Then started adding some subtle background rhythm, and then re-recorded with that and okay, better. Then I heard one of my exhales and wow, that's something too! In a piece about photosynthesis, which is basically plant respiration, and how we are able to breath, yes I can use that.

So now I'm up to 3 parts mapped out. I pulled out almost all the way the ambient sound from the first part (thanks to the excellent advice of a friend) and I like it better. But there are spots where the vocals were cut and we loose the sound of the room. The music was covering that up. I think I'd like to add some field recordings and will also likely add some room noise as well. 

Todays word is Structure: 

  1. Bike ride to clear head and scope for video. Bring camera and shoot at least 4 location options.
  2. Record some sound out in the woods.
  3. After bike ride work on editing parts 1 - 3.
  4. Ride to town. Get some ingredients to bake something easy and fruity.
  5. Get some postcards. 
  6. Laundry
  7. Repost new draft of LFF tonight before sleeping.

Now that seems like a well structured day. Let's see how it unfolds.

I guess what I gained from yesterday is that work makes things happen. Not doing is one good way to end up with nothing. If you want to make something, you might need to just get busy, start moving things around, change something, pull something out, add it in, do it over. The process can initiate a kind of creative inertia that once started pulls you back on the road. Then you can start putting things behind you, moving forward. Time for that bike ride!