Time Change

So this is it. I'm leaving Germany today. Tomorrow flying out of Prague and landing in SF before midnight. I'm happy because I created work that surprises me. And there is still work to do! But for now I am content. I'm really going to miss the forest. And the totally socially acceptable mid-day beers. And the people. I hope to come back next year, if not Schwadorf then maybe Austria!?

So this is what I've been up to.

Lessons from the Forest, pt. I, 2015. Featuring the voice of ildiko Frank, German voice and translation. This is part of a 4 part "radio play" I wrote shortly after arriving here. It's about edges, or really the lack of them in nature and in human relationships. 8 minutes.

And Lessons from the Forest, pt. 2, 2015. Featuring the voice of Alex OS X (text to speech function). This is more about pondering the existence of the self, the body as strange-stranger (Timothy Morton's phrase), the body as Universe and self/mind as alien-child. 4 minutes. All sound, images, music by Sasha Petrenko. Parts 3 and 4 in process!