Forest scrolls

As I process information gathered in the past weeks on subjects ranging from hyper-objects, rewilding, transient dwelling and eco-cosmopolitanism, I've decided to produce a new series of large scale drawings based on photo-collages. The image below is actually 5 photographs. It's a test. I'm chasing the light today. Every time I take the cap of my camera lens, the clouds collect above me. Then when I snug my camera back into my pack, the sunlight beams down in soft silver columns through the trees. I think going out just before dusk and early in the morning might produce better results. But I have a lot of paper, and some free time. Will use this one just to produce a small scale sketch, like a warm up.

In a few hours I will conduct the first of a series of interviews with artists who make work that responds to climate change. I'm excited and a little nervous but it will be fun! My first artist is Alicia Escott. San Francisco based, Escott makes drawings, writes letters, constructs readymades and devises new language to talk about our current environmental crisis. Please check back soon for details on how to hear our discussion.