Some student work and more


Looking through some old school work and projects. A sample so to speak. Enjoy.

Student Work 

Professional Work

Rock Home #1, 2014. Video still. Research towards (RE)PLACE.

The New Urban Naturalists, 2013. Promotional poster. 18x24 inches.

Pinophyta 2 in process, 2015. Oak, rope, clamps, prayers. 

Pinophyta 2, 2015. Oak, spruce, cedar, fir, ash, zip-ties, milk-paint, waxed linen. 6x3x3 feet. Form inspired by the Fibonacci sequence found in a conifer's pine cone.

Story-Shell, 2012. Community construction project. Wood, donated fabric, stories.

Story-Shell, 2012. Community construction project. Sample of donated fabric and corresponding stories.

Animal Projections, 2013. Instructional video towards developing deeper interspecies relationships.

Instructions for Movement with Furniture, 2011. Documentation of project. Audio production by Sharon Mashihi and Rachel James. Video production by Sasha Petrenko.

(RE)PLACE, 2014. Excerpt of solo rehearsal with video projection.

Basket Experiment #1, 2014. Oak, reed, epoxy. Sound score, videography and choreography by Sasha Petrenko.

(RE)PLACE, 2014. 10 minutes. Full length video projection for a performance. Words, images, sound by Sasha Petrenko.

(RE)TIME, 2014. Performance still. Featuring Uma Lomax, Doug Dowers, Renee Rhodes, Gillian Campell, Sasha Petrenko, Helga Hizer, Melissa Lewis, Winnie Wong, and Devavani Chatterjea. Words, sound, choreography by Sasha Petrenko.