New News!

Recently I made a trip down to Altadena, situated at the edge the Angeles National Forest, to attend a symposium organized by Shirley Watts called Natural Discourse and to preview a site, the LA County Arboretum, for an upcoming project with Shirley. It was productive! Who knew LA was so in love with trees! The speakers were great but I confess I was distracted by the fact that I was wheeling and dealing my way towards a new studio. GOT IT!

Who decided taupe was a good color for the studio don't ask me! One more gallon and we'll be done.

This picture makes my new studio look HUGE. It's not but it is a perfect size for me now plus there's a loft area for clean work. I plan to build a vocal booth once the walls are white. Almost let it go. So glad I didn't. It's at 4th and Gilman in Berkeley. Right where I wanted to be. 

LA County Arboretum

LA County Arboretum

I have more pictures. Looking forward to returning. One day I went on a 4 hour hike up to Mt Wilson! The next day I spent 90 minutes strolling in the arboretum. It was raining some, warm and soft, heavier at times. I found shelter under a 150 year old blue gum eucalyptus, then ran into the Director, who offered me shelter and a ride in his golf cart. Richard showed me some new and old features of the park, a garden that absorbs water more effectively, drought tolerant gardens and the site for the new organic edible garden. He told me stories about the old LA history of the site. We discussed how to be hopeful in relation to the current environmental crisis and pondered the world without nature and world without world!

Very fun and enriching. Also as I was down I received an email from a Swiss curator that is interested in my Lessons from the Forest. Up and down, down, down, up again. This is how it goes. Eager to get back to the studio! More pictures soon.