Some time ago I stumbled upon the work of Annemarie O'Sullivan and her project Cluster. It had been in the back of my mind the last few days as I tried and tried to develop the form of my pine cone sculpture. Frustrated, with materials and techniques, formulas, I just wanted to get back to learning more about baskets.... wait, what about that project I saw...

Cluster by Annemarie O'Sullivan

Annemarie O'Sullivan

Ms O'Sullivan made it look so easy! But I finally broke the code and now have a handle on how to weave an 8 point star basket! 8 points so as to relate to the pine cone's geometry, specifically the Fibonacci Sequence. Today I will try to make a 1/4 scale model from reed. Then it's time for a 1/2 scale model in oak. I think I might be on track!!!! I can imagine though that wrestling with the oak weavers will be my next battle! This is going to be fun though. I need to get the dimensions of the door to the sculpture terrace....more soon!