Pine-Cone Shelter

Trying to get my hands working towards a new large scale sculpture due to be installed at USF in late January. It's about pine cones! Below are some inspirations:

I'm torn between a sculpture based on the geometry of a closed pine cone, or the or the more organic pattern of an open cone. And I also need it to be biodegradable and knock-down. Plus I want it too also build on my fledgling basket making habit. SO much to consider. My model making chops are out of practice. But I have a plan to start with. We'll see where it leads!


Now I'm starting to think it's like this: I love that the pine cone can have this dishevled look, all splayed open, but the pattern is still recognizable once you look close. It's those two things. It's the visible wildness and the hidden geometry. I think I am going to have to do some steam bending of compound curves. Yikes. I need to make a model. A serious scale model.  1/4 size, 2 feet tall, 9 inches wide. Get supplies on Friday. I need to build a little steam box. When's payday?