Residency Portfolio


My performance work, writing, sound work and video is layered, like a cosmic ecological sandwich. I identify systems that involve both human and extra human participants. [In my view there is no divide or border between us, despite our best or worst efforts. Their is no wall long or tall enough to stop the interweaving of our species’ fate.] But I am no scientist, or authority on anything but my own way, and that is even questionable at best. So my work asks questions by drawing parallels between us and them, humanity and animals, plants and people, our bodies and the universe.


Lessons from the Forest Part I - IV, 2015-2018. Digital video projection with live cinema performance.

Lessons from the Forest, digital projection tent #1, 2016. Double projection installation at the Los Angeles County Arboretum as part of Digital Nature.

Animal Projections, 2013. Digital video. Projected during a workshop performance by the New Urban Naturalists.

Anima/Animus, 2016. Digital video. Movement research towards a performance.

Basket Experiment, 2014. Digital video. Performance for video.

36.5 / a durational performance with the Sea (bodies and bodies of water on a moving planet), 2016. Digital video. Collaboration with Sarah Cameron Sunde

(RE)PLACE, 2014. Digital video. Projection for a performance.

The New Urban Naturalists, 2013. Poster for pop-up ecological performance art collective founded by Sasha Petrenko. Link to website.