Residency Portfolio


A World Without Nature, 2017. Live-cinema performance documentation.

Lessons from the Forest Part 3, 2018. All sound, words, video production by Sasha Petrenko with generous contribution and permissions from Professor McCune & Oregon State University’s Botany & Plant Pathology Department.

Lessons from the Forest Part 2, 2015. All sound, words, video production by Sasha Petrenko.

Lessons from the Forest Part 1, 2015. All words, sound and video production Sasha Petrenko.

Lessons from the Forest Part 4, 2018. Video projection for a live cinema performance.

Lessons from the Forest, digital projection tent #1, 2016. Wood, fabric, rope, sandbags, digital projection and audio equipment. 6 x 16 x 9 feet. Double projection installation at the Los Angeles County Arboretum as part of Digital Nature.

Animal Projections, 2013. Digital video. Projected during a workshop performance by the New Urban Naturalists.


(RE)PLACE, 2014. Digital video still. 10 minute instructional video for projection during performance. Link to video.

Instructions for Movement with Furniture, 2012. Performance documentation. All sound, words by Sasha Petrenko. An instructional performance about developing deeper relationships to our objects.

36.5 / a durational performance with the Sea (bodies and bodies of water on a moving planet), 2016. Digital video. Collaborative performance for video with Sarah Cameron Sunde. Screened at the Performance Studies International Conference in Melbourne, Australia, 2016Video production:Sasha Petrenko


PETS: Prescribed Engagement Therapy, 2014. PETS offers non-licensed, unprofessional action oriented suggestions that might help some people. PETS therapists are volunteers and receive no specialized psychological training and essentially make it up. Link to website

The New Urban Naturalists, 2013. Poster for pop-up ecological performance art collective founded by Sasha Petrenko.