Migration Stories


Migration Stories [work in progress]

HI! Thanks for your interest in our new project on migration. The story of migration is an eternal one, a personal one and a universal one. 

Where did you come from? Why do we leave?


We are collecting migration stories. This could be your story or your father's story or your mothers or your grandmothers story. They don't have to be very long. A few minutes or more but less than 5.

These stories will be used to create a piece of Media Poetry, like a music video for a poem consisting of your story and others, woven together much like our lives in this country of immigrants. This work is being made in partnership with the Santa Cruz Museum or Art & History where we plan to share parts of it in May. Maybe your migration story isn't about long distances but rather a pattern of movement that repeats with the sun or the seasons. Maybe your story tells us about great risks taken, political oppression, dreams of a more open society, a better future. To contribute your story record it with your phone and send the audio file to me at <sashpetrenko@gmail.com>. With your permission, you will be listed as a contributing storyteller. Thank you! I hope you can help. If you have questions, email those to me too. Thanks.



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