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Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Residency 2016!

Happy to announce that The New Urban Naturalists have been awarded a Summer Residency at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in July-August where I hope to collaborate with some fantastic artist and naturalists, weave human size nests out of donated clothing (any one have a wedding dress you want to rid yourself of?), run some urban nature walks and absorb as much information from oceanographic resources, human and animal as possible. More info soon!

Really looking forward to going back to Wilder Ranch where I spent so many hours riding with with good friends. Hope to see some old and meet some new too. Coming back around the bend.

Image courtesy Wikapedia.

Image courtesy Wikapedia.

Plus, the NUNs are in very early phases of developing a mini residency program for ecologically inclined artists and performers. More on that as well in short order.